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Authoritative operations

The National Board of Antiquities is, as regulated in the act and regulation concerning the Board, the expert authority responsible for protecting cultural heritage and the cultural environment. In addition, the authoritative operations of the National Board of Antiquities are directed and defined by the Antiquities Act, the Act on the Conservation of the Constructed Cultural Environment, the Land Use and Building Act, the Church Act, the Museums Act and the Decree on Restrictions to the Export of Cultural Goods.

The authoritative operations are performed through statements, negotiations, reviews and inspections.  

The National Board of Antiquities monitors and supervises, for example, land usage planning and development regarding areas which have relics and other environments and buildings that are valuable to cultural heritage. The Board issues statements regarding the use, development and conservation of such areas and places directed at landowners, municipalities, developers and other authorities.

The National Board of Antiquities has transferred some of the expert and authority duties to regional museums through cooperation agreements. The scope of these agreements varies, depending on whether the regional museums are able to use the services of a building research worker, a restoration expert or an archaeologist.

The National Board of Antiquities also licenses the research and conservation of relics as regulated in the Antiquities Act, negotiates the terms of relics' conservation in general work projects and area planning, and is in dialogue with ELY centres (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) with regard to the permits for interventions regarding relics. The National Board of Antiquities is also the general licensing authority in matters concerning the export of cultural goods.

In addition, the National Board of Antiquities is responsible for allocating state funding intended for the use of the Board in the state budget, the contract controlling of museums' regional operations and issuing statements regarding the state funding eligibility of museums.


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