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International activities

The National Board of Antiquities' international activities include authoritative operations, cooperation related to different sectors of research and individual projects. International cooperation is a part of nearly all of the board's activities.

The National Board of Antiquities' activities are steered and guided by international cultural heritage conventions (such as those adopted by UNESCO and the Council of Europe) and the board participates in the preparation and realisation of the measures required by these conventions.

Cultural heritage cooperation between the Baltic Sea states and between the Nordic countries are key parts of the board's international activities. In addition to this, the Board has a long tradition of engaging in cooperation with Russian cultural heritage operators.

The National Board of Antiquities participates in expert and authoritative cooperation related to the European Union's cultural heritage sector, and the Board's projects also utilise the EU's funding instruments.

More information

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International projects

BalticRIM project

BalticRIM project will chart the most interesting concentrations of shipwrecks, naval battle zones and underwater cultural landscapes found in the Baltic Sea and Finland.

Pohjoismaiden museovirastojen päälliköt 2014
The director generals of the Nordic countries' "National Boards of Antiquities" convene annually (Nordic Heritage Heads Forum). The 2014 meeting was held in Savonlinna, Finland. Photo: The National Board of Antiquities


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