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Archives and Information Services

Sirkka ja Taimi kantavat vettä vasikoille Kontiolahden Selkien kylässä vuonna 1937.
Sirkka and Taimi carrying water to calves in the village of Selkie in 1937. National Board of Antiquities / Tyyni Vahter

Merovingiaikainen käärmesolki Eurasta.
A Merovingian snake brooch found in the municipality of Eura. Drawing by National Board of Antiquities / Mikko Rautala.Joutsen-kirja.
The library collections contain approx. 180,000 volumes. The photo shows books from the collection of art history. Photo by Markku Haverinen.

The department is responsible for the archive, picture, library, and knowledge management services, and its other tasks include expanding and managing the archives, archaeological collections, picture collections and library collections. The department provides information and image bank services, as well as instructions and guidance on appropriate matters within the National Board of Antiquities and the field of cultural heritage. Additionally, it supports the development of museum data systems on a national level. It is also in charge of maintaining  the data systems of the National Board of Antiquities.
The department also provides archaeological field services for a fee.

The units of the department:  

  • Library, Archives and Archaeological Collections
  • The Picture Collections
  • Knowledge Management
  • Archaeological Field Services






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