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Cultural Environment Services

Helsingin Senaatintori.
The Senate Square and its surroundings form a valuable cultural environment. Photo by Saara Vilhunen.
Lohtajan kirkon restaurointia.
The National Board of Antiquities supervised the renovation of the Lohtaja Church in 2009. The valuable church dates back to 1768. Photo by Elisa Heikkilä.
SS Tarjanne.
The passenger steam ship s/s Tarjanne, built in 1908, is a true piece of cultural history.
The department is responsible for expert and official tasks related to cultural environments, such as significant archaeological sites and findings, historical architecture, restoration, landscapes, and historical ships. It produces information and creates awareness on the protection of cultural environments, as well as on pertaining values and opportunities. The department organises various protection programmes and projects, and it is involved in international operations as well as in the preparation and monitoring of grants in the field of cultural history in collaboration with other departments.

The units of the department:

  • Policy and Guidance
  • Restoration
  • Western Finland´s Cultural Environment Services
  • Eastern and Northern Finland´s Cultural Environment Services

The regional division of the Cultural Environment Services units by province (in Finnish)


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