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Persons in charge

The National Board of Antiquities is headed by Director General Juhani Kostet.

The National Museum of Finland

Director General
Elina Anttila

Marketing and Communication
Director of Marketing and Communications Jonna Heliskoski

Director Eija-Maija Kotilainen (Collections and Museum of Cultures)

  • Collections Centre, Chief intendant Kaija Steiner-Kiljunen
  • Conservation, Intendant Eero Ehanti
  • Collections and research, Chief intendant Sanna Teittinen

Museum Services
Director Tiina Mertanen (Museum Services and The Maritime Museum of Finland)

  • Museum Services / Exhibitions, Head of Exhibitions Minerva Keltanen
  • Museum Services / Public Programmes and Events, Head Curator of Education Eija Liukkonen
  • Museum Services / Nationalmuseum, Intendant Heikki Aittala
  • Museum Services / Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, Tamminiemi and Hvitträsk, Intendant Mikko Teräsvirta
  • Museum Services / Castles (Häme Castle, Olavinlinna Castle and Louhisaari) Intendant Jouni Marjamäki
  • Museum Services / The Maritime Museum of Finland, Intendant Pia Paukku

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Cultural Environment Services

Director of Department Mikko Härö

Policy and Guidance, Chief Intendant Ulla Salmela
Restoration, Chief Intendant Ilari Kurri
Western Finland´s Cultural Environment Services, Chief Intendant Helena Taskinen
Eastern and Northern Finland´s Cultural Environment Services, Chief Intendant Petri Halinen

Archives And Information Services

Director of Department Vesa Hongisto

Library, Archives and Archaeological Collections, Chief Intendant Jutta Kuitunen
The Picture Collections, Chief Intendant Ismo Malinen
Knowledge Management, Chief Intendant Miikka Haimila
Archaeological Field Services, Chief Intendant Marianna Niukkanen

Support Services

Administrative Services, Administrative Director Carolina Ansinn

Development of the Museum Sector, Director of Development Pirjo Hamari

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