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The National Museum of Finland

Jonoa Kansallismuseoon Taiteiden yönä 2010
Eager visitors queued to the National Museum on the Night of the Arts 2010. Photo by Jouni Marjamäki.Vauva hevosen selässä VINTTI-työpajassa.
Workshop Vintti is a fun, interactive exhibition intended for children and adults alike. Photo by Jouni Marjamäki.Hopeaesineitä esillä Kansallismuseossa.
The silver exhibition of the National Museum. Photo by Markku Haverinen.
The Finnish National Museum is a museum of Finnish cultural history. It serves as the central museum of its kind in the country, and its purpose is to study, collect, and display items and artefacts that represent cultural heritage. The national collection of Finnish history and cultural history contains over half a million items. The National Museum is also in charge of the operations of six other museums, as well as the Häme Castle and Olavinlinna Castle, and it is actively engaged in developing museum activities in its field.

The organization of The National Museum of Finland:

Marketing and Communication

Collections Centre
Collections and research

Museum Services
Museum Services / Exhibitions
Museum Services / Public Programmes and Events
Museum Services / Nationalmuseum
Museum Services / Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, Tamminiemi and Hvitträsk
Museum Services / Häme Castle, Olavinlinna Castle and Louhisaari
Museum Services / The Maritime Museum of Finland

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