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The National Board of Antiquities price list

These prices are in effect from 1 January 2017 onwards.
We reserve the right to adjust the prices.

Lyydian kuninkaan Kroisoksen lyöttämä hopearaha 500-luvulta eKr.

Croesus, the king of Lydia, (560-546 BC) issued some of the earliest coins used in the Western world. The motif for this silver coin is a bull and a lion. The coin belongs to the SKOP collection, which is based in the National Museum of Finland's treasury.
The Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State (150/1992) contains provisions on the general criteria for charging for performances by State authorities and for the size of the charges made for said performances, and for other criteria related to charges. Provisions concerning pricing can also be found in the decrees, ministerial decisions and special legislation performance provisions based on the Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State.

The central provision that regulates the National Board of Antiquities' pricing is the Ministry of Education and Culture's decree on the Charges Payable by the National Board of Antiquities, which contains provisions on free-of-charge, chargeable and cost price performances under public law, performances priced on commercial criteria, library and information service performances and museum entrance fees.

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