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Harjavallan Kaunismäki

Some of the southern ruins of Kaunismäki in the town of Harjavalta. Photo by Leena Koivisto, National Board of Antiquities (AKDG1790:4)

Archaeological Heritage

Archaeology studies the past through remains and relics preserved in the ground and under water. Antiquities are an important legacy from past generations. They tell of life, habitation, communications and the movement of people, means of livelihood, religious practices, and the burial of the dead.

All ancient monuments and sites in Finland are protected under the provisions of the Antiquities Act. The National Board of Antiquities is responsibile for maintaining and caring for the archaeological cultural heritage along with certain provincial museums in Finland.
Lappi Sammallahdenmäki

The Bronze Age cairn cemetery of Sammallahdenmäki
Sammallahdenmäki is the first Finnish archaeological site in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was chosen to the list as the finest Western Bronze Age site in Finland and Scandinavia.


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