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Site Management in Practice

Cairn at Kylmänkorvenkallio in Rauma. Photo: Leena Koivisto
Cairn at Kylmänkorvenkallio in Rauma. Photo: Leena Koivisto

The maintenance of archaeological sites requires careful study of the land use history of the area, as well as its environmental conditions and culture historical background. Using archival sources, modern and historical maps, and field observations, a care and maintenance plan is prepared for each individual site, to be used as a guide for practical maintenance work.

Site maintenance is a long process that takes years to complete. It begins with a basic clearing that often strongly reduces the vegetation at the site. After the desired appearance is reached, it can be maintained with less resource-intensive measures. Depending on the character of the site, they can involve either a human workforce or grazing animals.

The National Board of Antiquities is authorized, if an application is submitted, to delegate the maintenance of archaeological sites to local historical or nature conservation societies or land-owners. Maintenance measures always require the consent of the land-owner. The National Board of Antiquities provides assistance and advice on preparing maintenance plans and taking practical maintenance measures.


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