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Applying for a Maintenance Permit

According to the Antiquities Act, the maintenance of archaeological sites is the responsibility of the National Board of Antiquities. The Board can, however, delegate the maintenance work to another party. A maintenance plan is prepared by the experts of the National Board of Antiquities, who also guide and monitor the work. A written application for a maintenance permit can be submitted as soon as the objectives of the maintenance plan and the maintenance work are clear.  A free-form application should include the following information:

The Name of the Archaeological Site in Question
The archaeological site may be locally known by a different name than the one recorded in the Ancient Monuments Register of the National Board of Antiquities. The application should employ the registered name or indicate the area clearly on a map.

The Land-owners of the Site in Question
Information about the property, including boundaries and land-owners, must be included in the application. Written consent from each land-owner concerning the maintenance work must also be enclosed.

The Location and Outer Limits of the Maintenance Area
The application should include an extract from a map (basic map series or better) with the maintenance area clearly marked. The property affected, with boundaries, must be marked on the map.

The Responsible Director and the Actual Parties Involved in the Project

The Maintenance Plan
The maintenance plan should recount the reasons for undertaking maintenance at the site in question, the objectives and time-table of the maintenance, the practical maintenance measures, and the arrangements for follow-up care.


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