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Vedenalainen puisto Gustav Adolf
The underwater park has been built at the wreck of Gustav Adolf, off Helsinki. Photo by: The National Board of Antiquities
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Helsinki Underwaterpark Kronprins Gustav Adolf

The first underwater park in the Baltic Sea was built in 2000 at the wreck of Kronprins Gustav Adolf, a ship of the Swedish line, off Helsinki. The National Board of Antiquities is responsible for the park. The maintenance of the park is carried out in collaboration with Sea Safety Scandinavia Ltd and the Sports Department of the City of Helsinki. Entry to the wreck park is free.

The park is marked with a buoy, that can be used for mooring a boat. The wreck area is surrounded by an information path connected by a leading line, with information boards about the history of Kronprins Gustav Adolf and the ship’s structure. There are diving lines attached to the bow and aft of the wreck for the divers. The goal of underwater parks is to help visitors recognise and interpret what they see; a messy pile of planks can be interpreted as an old warship and a memory of passed event. The wreck park helps visitors to understand the enormous potential of the Baltic Sea as a unique ‘underwater outdoor museum’, where thousands of different wrecks have been preserved.

Diving in the park

Before diving, divers must acquaint themselves with the regulations of the park and the diver’s map. More information on them can be found on the bottom pages of this page (see the link column on the left side of the page).

The wreck of Gustav Adolf is located in the water area of the City of Helsinki, approximately 3.5 nautical miles to south-southwest from the Harmaja lighthouse. The coordinates of the park are (WGS84) 60°03.010 N, 24°55.445 E.
Depth: 19–21 metres, moraine/sand bottom, there are usually no strong currents, visibility is 1–10 metres, usually 4–6 metres.

Entry to the park is free. Divers move in the park by following the underwater rope path. Divers can study the wreck as closely as is possible without damaging it.

Large vessels passing the park may cause tall waves, always remember to leave someone in the boat during the diving. The National Board of Antiquities wishes you happy and safe diving.

Inquiries about the park can be directed to the National Board of Antiquities researchers Riikka Alvik, tel. +358 295 33 6220 and Minna Koivikko, tel. +358 295 33 6215, or the partner organisation Sea Safety Scandinavia Ltd, tel. +358 9 454 4600

The park has now been closed for winter. The park will open again in the spring 2018.

Wreck Park Kronprins Gustav Adolf
A video about the wreck park


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