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The Building of the Kronprins Gustav Adolf

In the 1780’s, the Swedish sea-going fleet was thoroughly reformed. It was decided that a number of ships of the line and smaller vessels were to be built, and indeed ten similar ships of the line were built at the shipyard of Karlskrona. The ships were designed by the naval architect Fredrik Henrik af Chapman, the best-known ship designer of the time and the head of Swedish shipbuilding from the year 1781.

The building of the Kronprins Gustav Adolf lasted for several years; the ship was not completed until in 1784. Many other ships were built at the shipyard at the same time.

The Gustav Adolf was a tall ship: its length was 49,6 meters and width 13,59 meters. Its weaponry consisted of 62 cannons. According to a motion form 1788, there were 567 men in the crew, and 112 of these were naval seamen. The master of the ship was Colonel Christiernin.


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