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Rules for the underwater park

Rules for the underwater park at the wreck site of the Kronprins Gustav Adolf

The Navy occasionally uses the area for firing exercises. More information at

Notice! Be aware of high winds and rough seas. The park is closed with winds exceeding 8m/s!

On August 10, 2000 some divers were rescued at the wreck site after their boat capsized and sank in rough seas. Luckily, nobody was seriously hurt. So remember that these rules must be followed for your own safety.

The park is closed with winds exceeding 6 m/s in order to secure safe diving. The wreck is situated at open sea where even light winds can cause rough seas. Also, there are busy shipping lanes causing waves close to the wreck site. There must be an adequate surface crew on the boat. The boat shall be moored on the buoy while somebody is diving at the wreck.

Please obtain the rules.

Weather information is obtainable e.g. from the Helsinki Vessel Traffic Service.

1. These rules must be followed

While diving at the underwater park, use the diver's map.

2. Aim of the rules

The aim of these rules is to guarantee pleasant and safe diving for everybody at the park. Caution must be exercised in all activities.

3. Remains of Antiquity Act and protected area

Underwater remains of antiquity are protected by law. The protected area starts two metres from the visible outside borders of the target. In the underwater park, however, you can dive closer to the wreck. Remember though not to damage the wreck or to pick up any 'souvenirs'.

Divers do not need a permission to dive at the underwater park, as is the case with all other wrecks over one hundred years old in Finland with the exception of four wrecks which have a protected area around them.

Divers are allowed to take underwater photos at the wreck site.

Any research work on the wreck has to be authorised.

4. Opening times and conditions

In order to dive in the park, we recommend that you will purchase a diver's map and a brochure in advance. Please familiarise yourself with the map before diving.

Diving in the park is allowed during the summer months, and on the condition that these rules are followed. Diving is prohibited if wind speed exceeds 6 m/s.

5. Mooring

There is one specific buoy for mooring the boat by the wreck. The anchor of the buoy weighs about 6,000 kg.

Only one boat at the time is allowed to moor at the buoy.

The smaller round red buoys are for diving and surfacing lines; mooring a boat at them is prohibited.

The distance from the mooring buoys to the diving lines is 50-70 m.

When operating at the wreck site, pay attention to the traffic on the nearby shipping lanes and other sea traffic in the area.

6. Diving at the wreck site

There are two diving lines secured to two round red buoys near the wreck. One of the buoys has the text 'perä' (aft) and the other the text 'keula' (bow), leading to the aft and the bow of the wreck. There are corresponding texts at the lower ends of the diving lines.

The diving route in the park is marked by a blue and white 14 mm rope, secured to small metal weighs and the information boards.

The rope is equipped with yellow arrows indicating the diving direction. Please follow the diving direction.

The information boards are yellow and A3 sized. There are 12 information boards and one 'Welcome' board.

  • There must be adequate surface crew during the dive.
  • Check your emergency communications equipment and make sure the emergency numbers are on hand.
  • Diving happens at your own risk.
  • Divers should be accompanied by a diving instructor. There should not be too many divers at the same time.
  • Remember to fly the diving flag on your boat.
  • Always dive in pairs.
  • Remember to carry a torch.
  • Dive and surface using the diving lines.
  • Do not lose visual contact of the blue and white diving rope marking the diving route.
  • Maximum depth at the wreck site is about 21 metres.
  • Reserve about 25 min for diving the route.
  • Remember to check your air.
  • Follow standard diving safety precautions.

7. At the end of the dive

Check that all divers are safely on board the boat. Remember to take down the diving flag.

8. Leaving the wreck site

Exercise caution when leaving the site. Pay attention to other boats and divers.

9. Other things to remember

When operating at the wreck site, underwater or on the surface, pay attention to other boats and divers. Leave the park in the same condition as you found it.

If you notice any defects at the wreck site, please notify the National Board of Antiquities: researcher Riikka Alvik tel. +358 295 33 6220 and Minna Koivikko, tel. +358 295 33 6215, or the partner organisation Sea Safety Scandinavia Ltd, tel. +358 9 454 4600


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