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Public access to heritage

Out of the cultural heritage sites in Finland, the museums (in particular the open-air museums and the monuments maintained as museums as well as the protection sites comparable to these) are open to the public, as are churches and cemeteries. There are a few visitor centres presenting the archaeological-cultural heritage in Finland. Only a few of the privately-owned building monuments are open to the public.

The so-called "Everyman's Right" in Finland enables public right of access to forests and water areas. In the large forest areas in Finland there is an abundance of traces of man's activities from different times. Metsähallitus has already for some time paid attention to the accessibility of natural and cultural heritage in national parks and other state-owned lands, for instance, by building public paths, picnic areas and overnight rest points as well as information material and visitor centres. With a few exceptions, the sites can be freely accessed.

The central goal of the National Board of Antiquities and Environmental Administration in the restoration projects and management projects of archaeological sites is to improve both accessibility to the sites and the information regarding them. At those sites where it is not possible to arrange an active guide service then visitors' routes and information boards are built.

It is usually possible to get information about the sites from internet pages maintained by municipalities or other regional agents. Also various private persons have made good web pages about the cultural heritage. Cultural heritage has been made known programmatically through annual European Heritage Days and Archaeological Days.

European Heritage Days 

Finland has participated in the European Heritage Days since 1992.  In connection with event various organisations, municipalities as well as museums arrange a programme linked with the built cultural heritage and its maintenance.
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"In Search of the Past" - Archaeology Days "

"In Search of the Past" is an annual national event, the aim of which is to publicise the archaeological cultural heritage. The public can acquaint themselves with the archaeological-cultural heritage and its maintenance. Also, there is a public programme linked mainly with experimental archaeology. School children are a special target group of the event. In 2001 there were events in 25 localities throughout the country. The event is coordinated by the National Board of Antiquities and the individual events are organised by the municipalities and different associations.

Source: European Heritage Network
Lakeuden Risti church in Seinäjoki
 Foto: National Board of Antiquities
Lakeuden Risti church in city of Seinäjoki.


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