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EMAC network


EMAC is gathering individuals and institutions operating with museums as advisors to support and develop their actions. The network was founded in 1992. The initial idea originates from British and Dutch museum advisors in order to create a forum for exchange of experiences, knowledge and information and to learn more about how the profession of a museum advisor is defined in different countries.

EMAC is a network without a coordinator, legal status or structure. It is informal but democratic and very responsive to the needs and suggestions of all the networkers.

The operations model of the network is the conference organized in every couple of years by the members of the network. The previous conferences have been organized in Britain (1992), Germany (1993), Netherlands (1996), Italy (1999), Belgium (2001), Hungary (2006), Austria (2008) and Finland (2010). EMAC 2010 had participants from 11 European countries.

pdf Future of EMAC 2010 (78.0 KB) [PDF]

pdf Future of EMAC 2008 (42.2 KB) [PDF]

EMAC 2012

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