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8th EMAC - European Museums Advisors Conference

Helsinki - FINLAND

June 2nd – 5th 2010


Dear colleagues,

We have the pleasure to invite you to Finland to attend the 8th European Museum Advisors Conference (EMAC). The organisers National Board of Antiquities Finland and Helsinki City Museum – Central Uusimaa Provincial Museum are looking forward to meeting you in Helsinki on 2nd - 5th June 2010.

The Title “Museums matter!” refers to the main theme of the conference: impacts of museums to society. Other theme is the museum advisory and supporting work especially in Nordic countries. The third main topic is the challenges of digitalizing and improving availability of collections in small museums. Conference will also include presentations on different development projects in the museum field all over Europe.

The four-day conference will consist of presentations, conversations, workshops and excursions.

The conference language is English. The deadline for registration is April 30th, 2010

Please have a look at the call for papers and the draft content of the conference. In addition to keynotes, EMAC invites all participants to contribute to the program with brief speeches and information about current projects and experiences. The deadline for submitting short abstracts (500 - 800 characters) is March 19th, 2010.

The conference addresses and is open to all European professionals working within museum support organisations – for example ministries, cultural departments, cultural associations, training centres, foundations, advisory institutions, public consultants and independent advisors. EMAC sets itself as an occasion for exchange on issues of common interest. The previous conference was held in 2008 in Graz, Austria.


Printable invitation
pdf EMAC 2010 invitation (210 KB) (pdf.)


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 Kuva: Raija Pirilä (2009)

Call for papers

EMAC 2010 – Helsinki

European Museums Advisors Conference

Museums Matter!


Call for papers - Draft issues


EMAC invites all participants to contribute to the program with brief speeches and information about current projects and experiences. The deadline for submitting short abstracts (500 - 800 characters) is March 19th, 2010. Language of the conference is English.

Send your abstract by e-mail for the organisers.


Impacts of museums to society – In museum sector and museum work the cultural and educational objectives are emphasized but in recent years also the economical and social impacts have been raised into discussion. Even though assessing and verifying the impacts to society is challenging, it has become increasingly important to be able to use the impacts as arguments when explaining the relevance of the museum work.

  • What kind of role museum advisors have or should have in the discussion concerning impacts? What kind of experiences museum advisors have?
  • Museums around Europe have implemented and carried through many projects with significant impacts to society – please, present us examples.


Museum advisory and supporting work in Nordic countries – How the profession of a museum advisor is defined in different countries has been one of the interests of EMAC-network. Now the network is interested in learning more about museum advising and support in Nordic countries. In Helsinki the aim is to present good Nordic practices and make contacts with Scandinavian actors in the field.


Small museums and collections management – In the centre of the European culture policy is the digitalization of the cultural collections of museums, libraries and archives to make them accessible for all citizens. To promote this objective EU has launched a European wide project called Europeana along which many national projects has been implemented. Anyhow these projects concentrate on the collections of the large and professional organisations.

  • What is the role of small museums within this framework?
  • How can museum advisors promote the possibilities of all museums to participate in digitalising projects?

Open forum / Workshops:

In this part of the program the participants are welcome to share experiences and ideas in short presentations. Here are some already suggested topics to be complemented and finalised according to your proposals.

  • Training, and sharing of information and knowledge
  • Sustainable Development, climate change and adopting “green values” in museums.
  •  Co-operation models in collection storage
  • Networks on safety and security
  • How museum advisers can involve museums in major events
  • Open forum to present interesting, innovative, special projects from different countries – to raise open discussion.

Planned excursions:

  • Excursions in museums in Helsinki
  • Trip to the regional museums in Central Uusimaa province
  • Trip to Suomenlinna Sea fortress (UNESCO's World Heritage site) and Hvitträsk National Romantic style cultural home

Printable Call for Papers
pdf EMAC 2010 Call for Papers (280 KB) (pdf.)





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