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Museum Theme Days 2017

Museum Theme Days takes a look on the museum sectors’ topical issues and explores future trends.
Inspiration will also be sought outside the museum sector and through research-based knowledge.

Theme for 2017: Manifestations of Power

Date: 14.-15.9.2017

Museums represent and implement power in different ways. They use power e.g. when they decide which cultural heritage is worth preserving, and what kind of art is worth presenting. Facing this issue and embracing it, the museum profession is going through an ideological change. During the last decades, museum professionals have increasingly debated issues like participation and inclusion – assigning power over cultural heritage to communities. Although the direction of the development is right, where does it eventually lead? In reality, how open and equal are our participatory activities? Where lies the limit after which a museum-with-no-power turns into an instrument of exercising power?

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