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Museum 2015 collection management system

The collection management system selected through competitive tendering in the Museum 2015 Project is MuseumPlusRIA provided by the Swiss zetcom. MuseumPlus is one of the leading collection management systems in the world and has over 800 clients worldwide. Its users include the Louvre, Berlin State Museums and the Nationalmuseum in Sweden. zetcom has extensive experience about museum sector organisations and standards. zetcom's managing director Norbert Kanter comments the news:
"The zetcom Berlin team is enthusiastic and ready to work together with the NBA team and the pilot museums to deliver the best solution for the Finnish museums. zetcom's 16 years of implementation experience, ensuring smooth data migration and functional depth on the basis of international documentation standards, will be at the center of the Museo 2015 Project. We look forward to getting started!"

More information about zetcom and MuseumPlus is available at 
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The competitive tendering for the collection management system was organised in 2013 - 2014. The National Board of Antiquities was responsible for the EU-wide procurement and the procurement method was competitive dialogue. The procurement notice was published in the HILMA portal and Europe-wide TED database. Four system providers participated in the dialogue: Adlib Information System, KE Software, Profium Oy and zetcom. The procurement decision was published on 13.5.2014.

The National Board of Antiquities administered the system during its pilot and implementation stages in 2014 - 2015. At the pilot stage, the system features and information model was tailored to meet the needs of Finnish museum sector. After it, the National Board of Antiquities and museums using the system will form a consortium to administer it, which will then make policy and development decisions related to the Museum 2015 Project. Opinions of museum professionals will play a key role in the development work. The procurement price of the system for the museums will be determined after the pilot stage.

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Pilot project

The pilot museums and archives for the Museum 2015 Project's collection management system are the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the Tuusula Art Museum, the Kuopio Museum of Cultural History, the Finnish National Gallery (archive collections) and the picture collections of the National Board of Antiquities (Journalistic print archives). The pilot project will include a comprehensive selection from various collections from Finnish museums, which include, for example, audio-visual materials, artefacts, architectural drawings, works of art and photographs. The pilot museums also use a variety of collection management systems, such as Muusa, SIPI and Musketti. The functionalities and suitability of the new collection management system for different museums and collections will be tested during the pilot project in 2014 - 2015. After the pilot project has been completed, the system will be ready to be implemented also in other museums in 2016.

Requirements specification working group

Museums currently use several different collection management systems. In the near future, some museums will have to make decisions concerning these systems. The requirements set by aging systems, compatibility issues between different formats and interfaces and the standard portfolio of the National Digital Library have presented new challenges to the systems of museums.

The goal of the requirements specification working group, formed as part of the Museum 2015 Project, was to draft a functional and technical requirements specification (hereafter referred to as requirements specification) for a new joint collection management system for museums. The basis of the requirements specification was formed from the needs of museum workers and professionals. The requirements specification took into account both cost efficiency and compatibility with the National Digital Library standard portfolio. Important tools for specification work were museum collection management architecture, process descriptions and cataloguing instructions created as part of the Museum 2015 Project.

The requirements specification working group completed its work at the end of 2012.

The members of the requirements specification working group:
Akuliina Aartolahti, Provincial researcher, Satakunta Museum
Toni Bärman, Coordinator, Museum 2015 Project
Eero Heikkinen, IT designer, Museum 2015 project
Ilkka Heikkinen, Conservator, Finnish National Gallery
Anssi Kainulainen, Service Manager, CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd
Riitta Kela, Museum Curator, Vapriikki
Anna Pirkkalainen, Museum Registrar, Finnish National Gallery
Hanna Koivula, IT Expert, Finnish Museum of Natural History
Juhana Lahti, Head of Research, Museum of Finnish Architecture
Raija Linna, Researcher, Journalistic picture archive project
Minna Ryyppö, Geoinformation Specialist, National Board of Antiquities
Satu Savia, Project Manager, Museum 2015 Project (chairperson)
Pauliina Somerkoski, Applications Architect, CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd
Emilia Västi, Project Researcher, Museum of Technology


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