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Cataloguing development

The goal of the cataloguing development work undertaken as part of the Museum 2015 Project was to unify the cataloguing data and procedures of museums, increase quality and facilitate availability. The development work will benefit both museums and the general public.

Museum cataloguing instructions

Museum cataloguing instructions is a shared cataloguing tool for museums and it is suited for cataloguing of materials in all museums. The instructions contain hundreds of cataloguing guidelines, which help museums to store information about their collections in a systematic manner. Compliance with the museum cataloguing instructions promotes the accessibility, visibility and usability of collections. Cataloguing performed in accordance with the instructions promotes the transfer of the information to the Finna service of the National Digital Library and through it to distribution worldwide.

The instructions are system-independent and are meant to be used with all collection management systems. The cataloguing instructions are suited both for storing information about individual objects as well as groups of objects. The museum cataloguing instructions have been drawn up in the cataloguing working group of the Museum 2015 Project, which comprised 15 museum sector experts. The working group translated into Finnish and adapted the more than 500 instructions included in the SPECTRUM standard. SPECTRUM was selected as the cataloguing standard for Finnish museums due to its comprehensiveness and wide use. The instructions also include guidelines necessary for Finnish cataloguing activities, which are not included in SPECTRUM. A large group of museum experts, as well as other experts, have participated with comments in the drawing up of the instructions.

The museum cataloguing instructions have been published in Finnish online at The instructions may also be downloaded as five separate PDF files, each of which discusses the cataloguing of one specific kind of object. A translation into Swedish of the museum cataloguing instructions will be drawn up in the beginning of 2016.                                      

SPECTRUM community

In December 2013, the National Board of Antiquities and the Collections Trust signed an agreement on the use of the SPECTRUM standard. The National Board of Antiquities joined the SPECTRUM community together with other National Partners who have translated and localised the standard. As a National Partner, the National Board of Antiquities will maintain and develop the national translation of the SPECTRUM standard, monitor its use in Finland and participate in international development work.


The members of the cataloguing working group:
Marjo Ahonen, Curator, The Craft Museum of Finland
Áile Aikio, Collection Curator, Sámi Museum Siida
Leena Furu-Kallio, Cataloguing Coordinator, Museum 2015 Project
Kari Hintsala, Researcher, Museum Centre of Turku
Paula Hyvönen, Curator, Mikkeli Art Museum
Hannu Häkkinen, Keeper, National Board of Antiquities
Leila Issakainen, Curator, Lusto - The Finnish Forest Museum
Sari Kainulainen, Curator, Head of Collections, Lahti City Museum
Pekka Kankkunen, Curator, Kuopio Cultural History Museum
Susanne Lagus, Researcher, Stundars
Maritta Mellais, Researcher, Finnish National Gallery
Antti Metsänkylä, Curator, National Museum of Finland
Tiina Paavola, Museum Curator, Vapriikki
Petro Pesonen, Researcher, National Board of Antiquities
Elina Standertskjöld, Curator, Museum of Finnish Architecture
Mari Termonen, Researcher, Naantali Museum
Cataloguing working group at Theater museum's stage.
Photo: Marika Kokkinen-Eurén.


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