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Finland's National Board of Antiquities is the nation's specialist, service provider, developer and authority in material cultural heritage and the cultural environment field. It collects, manages and presents the national heritage of cultural history and records in addition to producing and providing knowledge.

Kolmiosainen lasimaalaus

A three-piece glass painting from the dining hall of Hvitträsk. The glass painting was designed by Olga Gummerus-Ehrström in 1904-1905. Photo by Ilari Järvinen, National Board of Antiquities 2012 (99050:71).

The Partage Plus project produced 81,000 new item entries, along with 3D images and multilingual searches, for the Europeana database

The National Board of Antiquities and the National Museum of Finland took part in the European Partage Plus project, which spanned two years and ended in spring 2014. During the project, a total of 81,000 items and other materials representative of the Art Nouveau style were digitised for the Europeana database. The project included 24 operators from different parts of Europe, most of them museums. At the National Museum of Finland, the project involved the digitalisation of items from and photographs of the original decor and furnishings of the national romantic Hvitträsk villa, designed by architects Gesellius, Lindgren and Saarinen.

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Mogami-dō haramaki ja suji-kabuto
Armour of mogami-dō haramaki (belly protector) type with veined helmet of suji-kabuto type. Modern reproductions. Photo: Japan Foundation.

The National Museum of Finland's exhibition "Spirit of Budo" shows the history of Japan martial arts

The exhibition "The Spirit of Budō: The History of Japan's Martial Arts" will open at the National Museum of Finland on Friday 11 April 2014 and remain open until Sunday 8 June 2014. The exhibition features richly decorated armour, helmets, sword mountings and bows. The oldest exhibits are from the late 1800s. The exhibition introduces visitors to the history of Japan's martial arts, which began as skills that were needed on the battlefield. Over the centuries, martial arts became sports that develop both physical and spiritual skills.

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Finland is preparing for the ratification of the Faro cultural heritage convention

The Faro Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society, prepared on the initiative of the Council of Europe, highlights the citizens' rights and responsibilities to a diverse cultural heritage in everyday life. The convention emphasizes the importance of cultural heritage as an enricher of modern life and the future. It also encourages individual citizens, as well as communities and the authorities, to engage in more active interaction. The National Board of Antiquities and the Finnish Local Heritage Federation are currently preparing the ratification of the convention in Finland.

Finland invites citizens to discuss the value of cultural heritage for society (Council of Europe, News)
Kuva 3

The library reading corner offers a peaceful place to read. Photo by Soile Tirilä, National Board of Antiquities


The National Board of Antiquities' Archives and Information Services Department to adopt extended opening hours on Thursdays

The customer services of the National Board of Antiquities' library, archive, and picture collections have launched a trial for extended opening hours. From March to May 2014, the department's customer services will be open until 6 pm on Thursdays. During the extended opening hours from 4 pm to 6 pm, customers can use the library's open collections and borrow and return materials. Customers can also make use of the archive and picture collections' shared customer service space, where they can inspect ordered archive and picture materials in advance, and submit orders for materials and pictures. Storage pick-ups will not be carried out in the evenings.
Miekat laatikossa pystykuva

The swordsman found in the ancient grave in Janakkala died in the Middle Ages

In October 2013, researchers from the National Board of Antiquities found an ancient grave in Janakkala. The grave was first reported to the Board by history enthusiasts who stumbled upon the site and items while searching a local field using metal detectors. The carbon dating results of the grave have now come in, and according to samples taken from the hand bones of the deceased, the person buried in the grave died around 1300 AD. The structure of the person's skull indicates that he was male. The grave also contained items from two historical time periods.

The grave contained an almost 120 cm long sword from the time of the crusades (pictured on the left), which was resting below another sword from the Viking Age. Photo by Janne Rantanen, National Board of Antiquities
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Finland elected as member of the Unesco World Heritage Committee

Finland was elected as member of the Unesco World Heritage Committee at the election held in Paris on 19 November. The election was attended by the State Parties to the World Heritage Convention, a total of 190 countries. 12 members were elected to the committee. Finland's term of office as the member of the committee is four years. In the future, Finland's representatives in the Unesco World Heritage Committee are Juhani Kostet, Director General of the National Board of Antiquities, and Rauno Väisänen, Director of Natural Heritage Services at Metsähallitus.

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Hvitträsk opas

New Hvitträsk guidebook now also available in English

The new Hvitträsk guidebook introduces readers to the interior of Hvitträsk, its courtyards, surrounding buildings and garden. The publication also accounts the history of the building, along with its residents and their daily life in Hvitträsk.

Hvitträsk is a National Romantic style building, designed by architects Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen, located in Kirkkonummi, Finland. The building used to serve as both a common studio and a home for the three architects and their families. Nowadays, Hvitträsk is a museum and a comprehensive work of art that exemplifies the National Romantic style in its buildings, objects and even its garden.

The publications of the National Board of Antiquities
Lapsia jäätyneen lätäkön äärellä.

Children gathered around a frozen
puddle on Topeliuksenkatu in Töölö, Helsinki in 1930. Photo by Pietinen, National Board of Antiquities (19670603_258)

Thousands of new photographs added to the National Board of Antiquities' service

The National Board of Antiquities' online service allows you to browse and view digitised image materials from the National Board of Antiquities' photograph collections. Over 5,000 new photographs have been added to the service, which can be found at, including new photographs from the collections of the Maritime Museum of Finland, which depict Finnish ships, harbours and life aboard various vessels. The service also features a wealth of interesting photographs from, for example, the Second World War. As a result, the service now features a total of 30,000 photographs depicting historical Finnish people, places, events and culture. You can also purchase one-time publication rights to specific photographs through the service.


Savonlinna Olavinlinna

Крепость Олавинлинна

Olavinlinna Castle's website in Russian has been launched. Welcome.
Открылась веб-страница крепости Олавинлинна на русском языке. Добро пожаловать.


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The web service for the National Board of Antiquities' picture collections. The service is in Finnish.

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