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Finland's National Board of Antiquities is the nation's specialist, service provider, developer and authority in material cultural heritage and the cultural environment field. It collects, manages and presents the national heritage of cultural history and records in addition to producing and providing knowledge.


The national plan for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage has been published

The UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage was ratified in Finland in May 2013. Commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the National Board of Antiquities has prepared a plan for the national implementation of the Convention. The plan is based on extensive research and review work as well as hearings held with interest groups and the sector's operators. The plan describes the principles for the national implementation of the Convention, as well as key operators and their tasks.
Kohti kestävää kulttuuriperintötyötä

Ratification of the Faro Convention in Finland: preparatory review project

The Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society was opened for signature to the member states of the Council of Europe in Faro, Portugal on 27 October 2005. So far the Faro Convention has been ratified by 17 member states of the European Council, and preparation for ratification is underway in a number of additional member states. In Finland, the Ministry of Education and Culture tasked the National Board of Antiquities with carrying out the preparatory review for the ratification of the convention. The review was published in May 2015. The preparatory review recommends the ratification of the Faro Convention in Finland. "Towards Sustainable Cultural Heritage Work. A Preparatory Review of the Ratification of the Faro Convention in Finland" is published in Finnish, Abstract in English
Vrouw Maria final report cover

Final Report of the Vrouw Maria Underwater Project 2009-2012 has been published

The aim of the Vrouw Maria Underwater project was to produce new information about the vessel which was wrecked in 1771 in the Finnish archipelago, its cargo and the landscape. Concrete research questions included what the vessel the Vrouw Maria was like, what kind of cargo and art cargo she was carrying and what kind of elements were in the past and present landscape of the wreck site. The project also considered how the wreck should be preserved and whether the wreck could be protected in the location in which it was found (in situ). This final report on the Vrouw Maria Underwater project describes and brings together the aims and results of the entire project from 2009 to 2012 on a year by year basis and by theme.

The Museum Card lets you visit over 200 museums as often as you want

The museums of Finland have launched the Museum Card, a customer card that provides affordable admission to over 200 museums around Finland. The Museum Card provides admission to and is available for purchase at multiple locations, such as the National Museum of Finland and the other museums of the National Museum’s museum family. These include the Maritime Museum of Finland, which is open all year round; Tamminiemi, Hvitträsk, Häme Castle and Olavinlinna Castle; as well as the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, Louhisaari, Alikartano Manor and Urajärvi Manor, which are open during the summer.
Miss Universum Anne Pohtamo

Anne Pohtamo’s pageant wardrobe is represented in exhibition Miss Universe 1975 in Tamminiemi

Anne-Marie Pohtamo was crowned Miss Universe in San Salvador 40 years ago on 19 July 1975. In 2014, The National Museum of Finland acquired Anne-Marie Pohtamo-Hietanen’s clothing collection comprising her Miss Finland 1975 coronation dress and Miss Universe 1975 pageant and tour wardrobe.

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Saarisen ja Marotin perheet

Hvitträsk's new exhibition takes a look at the social life of an international circle of artists

”The Guests of Hvitträsk” exhibition showcases the social lives of Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen at the Hvitträsk artist villa through photographs and sounds. The exhibition shines a light on the architects' international circle of friends, who influenced their activities in many ways and included some of the most well-known contemporary artists from several fields of art. The exhibition will remain open at Hvitträsk from 17 April to 13 September 2015.

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Nautica fennica 2013-2014

The new Nautica Fennica showcases multifaceted maritime history from rock art to trade and yacht club activities

Published by the Maritime Museum of Finland and the Finnish Association for Maritime History, the new Nautica Fennica 2013-2014 - Multifaceted Maritime History highlights a wide range of perspectives to Finnish maritime history. The articles in the book are based on the latest research findings, with topics ranging from the rock carvings of Reposaari in Pori to the cargo voyages of the barque Helios, and from the activities of Turku-based yacht clubs to the image of Finnish sailors in literature. The book includes Swedish and English language summaries of its articles.

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