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Cultural heritage is your heritage. It is our common asset that we all need to look after, but it is also intended to be used and enjoyed and it offers us experiences.
Finland's National Board of Antiquities works to promote the conservation, sustainable use and greater recognition of cultural heritage. Find out more about our services and utilise the National Board of Antiquities’ diverse expertise.

The National Board of Antiquities preserves, collects, studies and displays items and artefacts that represent cultural heritage of national importance. It produces information about cultural environments and artefacts that is made available for everyone, for example through the exhibitions and events organised by the board's own museums and with the help of information systems, online materials and publications.

The Board does its part in assisting with the joint care and protection of cultural heritage by, among other things, participating in the preparation of legislation, development projects and international expert cooperation.

It gives statements and advice on the use and protection of ancient relics as well as buildings and environments of cultural and historical significance. It also develops the museum sector nationally and is responsible for the distribution of discretionary government grants. The National Board of Antiquities also oversees the National Museum of Finland, the country's central museum on cultural history.


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Collections of Finnish museums with a single search.

Uimaranta Naantalissa 1936

The web service for the National Board of Antiquities' picture collections. The service is in Finnish.



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