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Collection and Information Services

The archaeological, historical, numismatic, ethnological and photo collections of the National Board of Antiquities presents information about people and phenomena embracing thousands of years.

For over one hundred years, the archives have collected material related to studying, maintaining and managing the cultural environment.

The Library is the largest scientific public library dedicated to the museum field. Among others, it has specialised in archaeology, history, ethnology, museology and art history.

The National Board of Antiquities distributes information on cultural heritage through its own publications as well. They are produced both in traditional printed form and as online publications.

The National Board of Antiquities promotes the availability of knowledge related to cultural heritage through data networks as well, by developing the recording process and data systems related to museum collections and the cultural environment.

The web service for the National Board of Antiquities' picture collections. The service is in Finnish.


Museum Finna

Collections of Finnish museums with a single search.



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