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The Archives
Kansatieteen aineistotHistorian kuntakohtaista aineistoaOtteita arkeologisten kokoelmien pyyluettelostaAlikartanon vyrityssuunnitelmaKirjekokoelma 7Muinaismuistoyhdistys 1

The archived materials are mainly related to the cultural environment and heritage, its maintenance and management and related research. The largest separate collections of materials are the collections related to archaeology, the built environment and ethnology.

Administrative materials refer to all correspondence, records and other documents collected throughout the organisation’s existence on all the different subject matters. The archives were formed in accordance with the archive formation principles of each era, and the materials are listed in a variety of indices, such as document records and card indices.

The archived materials start for the most part from 1884, the year the State Archaeological Commission was established. The archives also include some materials that predate 1884. For example, the first district reports predate this year. In addition to our own archived materials, we are also in charge of the customer service of the archives of the Finnish Antiquarian Society and retaining the Society’s materials.

Please note that most of the archived materials are in Finnish.

Olavinlinnaan liittyviä asiakirjoja
Administrative materials

Otteita arkeologisten kokoelmien pääluettelosta
Archaeological materials

Raaseporin linnan eteläfasadin piirustus
Materials related to the built environment

Kansatieteen aineistot
Ethnological materials

Muinaismuistoyhdistys 1
Other materials

Material indices


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