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Materials related to the built environment

A great deal of archived material related to the built environment is included in the administrative materials, research reports and drawings. For example, the archives include inventories pertaining to buildings and the built cultural environment, as well as reports on architectural history. The reports on architectural history that are in publication format can be found in the library. The archives of the National Board of Antiquities also include research reports produced by other bodies. The research reports on the built environment and archaeology are catalogued in their own sections in the Database of research reports on the cultural environment. Most of the research reports on the built environment are digitised and can be viewed in the service window.

The archives of the National Board of Antiquities include a great number of maps and drawings. These materials are mainly related to archaeology and the built environment. The catalogued drawings related to the built environment alone total almost 30,000. The body of the drawings related to the built environment is formed by dimensional and documentation drawings made by the board’s own draughtspeople. The archives still include old construction drawings received as donations as well as drawings made by consultants that are mainly related to the National Board of Antiquities’ own former sites. The archives contain many dimensional drawings of churches and rural buildings, such as manors, for example. The drawings usually at least include the measurements of the building’s foundation, and the facades and cross-sections are also often documented. The drawings were previously catalogued in the Collection of drawings of the built environment, but they are now catalogued in Musketti, where digitised drawings can be added in addition to metadata.

The responsibility for drawings classified as rarities due to their age and/or author was transferred to the Picture Collections of the National Board of Antiquities in connection with organisational restructuring in 2011. Some drawn materials have also been transferred to the National Archives or the Museum of Finnish Architecture.

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