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Customer service

Archives and Information Services

The picture collections, library and archive are open to anyone interested in cultural heritage. Collections are continuously digitised and transferred via network services, but, due to their extent, only some of the material is currently in electronic format. Original picture, archive and library collections and their indices are available at the customer service premises in Sturenkatu 2a.

The open library collections are available without restrictions during opening hours. Archive and picture material must be ordered in advance using a form either on the finnish web page or in person.  A work permit is required for accessing archaeological artefacts collections. Permits are granted for scientific research work. Picture or archive material and publications the handling of which is restricted due to their fragile state are also subject to a permit.Publications in the storage or rarity collection that are in the Helka database can be ordered via the database.

Materials can be reserved mentioning the time when they should be available for research. Due to the delivery time, a reservation can only made for the tenth working day from the order request date. If a material search covers different materials, such as pictures and archive materials, it can be submitted to one department that will forward it further. Customers who have submitted a permit request will be advised separately once the permit has been granted and agreed with on a delivery time.

Clients may request a research chamber for use with their material order. The premises at Sturenkatu 2a have a wireless internet connection. Staff will provide guidance if requested on the use of materials and indices. Upon receipt of the requested materials, clients commit to following the user regulations.

User regulations of the Archives and Information Services

Information services of the National Museum of Finland

The National Museum of Finland has appr. 500,000 artefacts in its collections from the Middle Ages to the modern day. The collections are regularly being added to and digitised. Some of the collections are available through the Finnish Museums Online portal. It is possible to view the original indexing data on a separate request and with staff assistance. Should anyone wish to gain access to the original artefacts for research or other purposes, an artefact handling permit application must be filled in with the help of the staff responsible for the respective collection.

Viewing collection indices and other materials must be agreed in advance. The service relating to historical and ethnographic artefact collections as well as the Coin Cabinet is located in Finland's National Museum.
Street address: Museigatan 1 A 7.

The staff of Collections division

The collection service of the Finno-Ugrian and general ethnographic collections 
Email addresses:

The collection service of the artefact and archive collections of the Maritime Museum of Finland is located at the Maritime Centre Vellamo in Kotka.
Street address: Tornatorintie 99 A, 48100 Kotka
Information Centre Vellamo


Common opening hours:
Tue to Thu: from 10 am to 4 pm
Mon, Fri: closed
July: closed
Revised opening hours

Contact information:
Archives and Archaeological Collections:
tel. +358 295 33 6090

tel. +358 295 33 6060
Self-service Tue-Thu 10-16
Customer service Tue-Thu 10-16

The Picture Collections
tel. +358 295 33 6100

Street address: Sturenkatu 2a, Helsinki
Sturenkatu 2a kartta
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