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Library collections

Books from the art history collection Kuva: Markku Haverinen (2006)

Books from the art history collection.
Photo: Markku Haverinen
 The National Board of Antiquities Library concentrates on the following fields:

  • Archaeology, especially Northern and Central Europe and Russia
  • Architectural history and building preservation
  • Art history, applied art and the history of material culture
  • Conservation and restoration
  • Ethnology, especially Finno-Ugric
  • History, especially cultural history
  • Local history
  • Museology
  • Museum guides and exhibition catalogues
  • Naval history and underwater archaeology
  • Numismatics

The library contains some 190 000 volumes and about 1000 current periodicals.

All of the material acquired since 1995 and most of the older material can be found in the Helsinki University Library database, HELKA and in the union catalogue database maintained by the National Library, MELINDA. The collection of the Library of the Maritime Museum of Finland is situated in Kotka in the Information Centre Vellamo and it is in the KAAKKURI catalogue. The library catalogues of the National Board of Antiquities Library can also be found in FINNA, which provides free access to material from Finnish museums, libraries and archives.

Some electronic publications are also available.

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Registration to the system at the library is required.

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Other databases and online resources
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Kirjastokokoelmia tiivishyllyissä Kuva: Markku Haverinen (2011)

Books in the automatic shelves
Photo: Markku Haverinen.

Reference libraries

Some of the library material is in the reference libraries of The National Museum of Finland. Inquire about this material for reading room use at the main library.

Information Centre Vellamo

The collection of old literature

The library has a collection of old literature consisting of about 4000 volumes printed before 1850: studies of history from the 17th and 18th centuries, local history, travel descriptions, books on economy, biographical literature and more. The books are available for reading room use, only.

The old literature collection is compiled in the catalogue "Libri rari et cari". Electronic version without the illustrations is published in 2010.

pdf Librirarietcari (2.92 MB) (pdf)

Architectural collection of old books

The professional literature of architects in The Finnish State Building Administration (The Intendant’s Office, 1810-1865)

Jarkko Sinisalo: Arkkitehtuurikirjoja Euroopan laidalta.

The book Libri rari et cari

Johanna Lilja
Libri rari et cari
Ed. Kerttu Itkonen
Helsinki, The National Board of Antiquities, 1996.


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