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The Historical Collections

The Drawing Room of Jakkarila Manor. Photo: The National Board of Antiquities.Evening gown. Photo: The National Board of Antiquities.Teekannu, rokokootaKuva: Timo Syrjänen The collections from the Medieval and Modern period comprise ca. 135 000 objects which illustrate material culture from mid-12th century to the present. Some of the traditional foci of the collections have been ecclesiastical culture, the gentry and the nobility, represented by costumes and textiles, glass, ceramics, silver, jewellery, portraits, and weaponry, whereas the development and changes in modern society are reflected in new fields of attention. These collections include also the excavation finds from the Middle Ages onwards. The collections are on display at the National Museum and the National Museum's manor house museums around the country.

The collections are enriched by acquisitions and benefactions. Some of the more extensive collections to have entered the Museum include the Armfelt collection, Claës Norstedt's collection of antique glass, and Collection Vera Saarela, of Russian porcelain. The collections are cared for by the curatorial staff, which also acts as specialists in their respective fields of expertise. The staff is also engaged in assisting members of the public with enquiries, as well as handling questions concerning the exportation of cultural objects.

Visitors are welcome to use on the premises the reference library, indexes and photographic collections, and the topographical archive.

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