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Ice track race


The newspaper Itä-Häme has been published and read in the Heinola region for 90 years. Its first issue was published on 8 December 1927. At first, the newspaper was published once a week, but over the decades the number of issues per week has increased. Today, Itä-Häme is read by 20,000 people in Heinola, Hartola, Sysmä, Joutsa and Pertunmaa.

Itä-Häme’s photo negative collection contains newspaper photographs from the 1950s to the beginning of 2000s. A few photo albums have also been preserved from the beginning of the 1960s, which contain photographs and press clippings published in the newspaper. The newspaper’s regular photographer between 1963 and 1998 was Anja Halla, one of the first Finnish female newspaper photographers. Sometimes, the photographs accompanying the articles were taken by their writers, such as Aarre Aunola. In most cases, the photographer remains unknown.

The newspaper’s old photographs have recorded a great deal of local history and people’s everyday life. The photographs feature both Hartolan Suksi ski factory and Heinolan kaira auger factory and showcase the bus drivers’ strike, the agriculture and forestry fair of the Joutsa region, the wrestling competition Heinolan Isku, a giant rock formation in Paistjärvi and a children’s summer camp at Kukonnotko.

Ski manufacturer Toivo Peltonen

Cupper Aino Väisänen
May Day march
Hartola co-op dairy
Children’s summer camp
Cupper Aino Väisänen

May Day marchHartola co-op dairyChildren’s summer camp
Matron of Nuhjakka estate
Kekkonen’s official car
Editor-in-chief Jari Niemi
Photographer Anja Halla
Matron of Nuhjakka estateKekkonen’s official car
Editor-in-chief Jari Niemi
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Photographer Anja Halla
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