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Articles in Kamera magazine

Kamera 6-7/2014

Lifestyle entrepreneur Johan Venninen

The construction project by the blind Johan Venninen was recorded in photographs from the 1950s.

Kamera 9/2014

Atomic train on its way to the east

The first shipment of spent nuclear fuel left for the Soviet Union 33 years ago.

Kamera 1/2015

Light up the underpants

Relaxing music is always playing at the studio of the fashion photographer Kari Pulkkinen.

Kamera 5/2015

True lies

The ‘Todelliset valheet’ (True lies) exhibition presented the 1970s underground.

Kamera 6-7/2015

Kotka Maritime Festival 30 years ago

Breakdance and Dingo attracted an audience in 1985.

Kamera 8/2015

Three sweltering days in Helsinki

In 1975, press photographers in Helsinki were kept busy by the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE).

Kamera 3/2016

The countryside between the past and the future

Erkki Voutilainen photographed the rural change.

Kamera 4-5/2016

Staged trial

Photographer Jarmo Kontiainen participated in a staged trial in Sodankylä.

Kamera 8/2016

The Helsinki Metro with its many twists and turns

News photographs followed the construction of the Helsinki Metro from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Kamera 9/2016

From printing plate to press photo

Back in the day, a printing plate was first prepared
Ydinjätekapselia siirretään.
A capsule containing nuclear waste from the Loviisa nuclear power plant is being transferred into a Soviet special train in 1981. Photo: Lauri Sorvoja, JOKA, National Board of Antiquities (JOKALS22A:7)

Olli Lyytikäinen

Olli Lyytikäinen hangs a work of art for the ‘Todelliset valheet’ exhibition in the Kluuvi gallery in 1970. Photo: Kari Pulkkinen, JOKA, National Board of Antiquities (JOKAKP2_06Ih:3)

Helsinki-päivän ilmaiset metroajelut

Free rides on the Metro on the Hakaniemi–Herttoniemi route on Helsinki Day, 12 June 1981. Photo: Jukka Uotila / Uusi Suomi / JOKA / National Board of Antiquities


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