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Articles in Kamera magazine 2014

Kamera 2/2014

Foreign Minister Väinö Tanner and the terms of peace for the Winter War

In the first part of the article series, we take a peek into the collection of the photographic studio Pietinen.

Kamera 3-4/2014

The landscape captures attention

Erkki Mikkola photographed landscape panoramas during the early 1900s.

Kamera 5/2014

The general and the bear

Pauli Jänis photographed Mesikkä, the pet bear of Major General Raappana.

Kamera 6-7/2014

Lifestyle entrepreneur Johan Venninen

The construction project by the blind Johan Venninen was recorded in photographs from the 1950s.

Kamera 8/2014

Goodbyes at the start of World War I

A. O. Väisänen recorded the start of World War I in Russia with his camera.

Kamera 9/2014

Atomic train on its way to the east

The first shipment of spent nuclear fuel left for the Soviet Union 33 years ago.

Kamera 10-11/2014

A view into the wilds of Siberia

Kai Donner travelled to Siberia and photographed the lives of the locals with a roll film camera.

Kamera 12/2014

People and urban landscapes

Photographer Teuvo Kanerva takes you on a tour of everyday life in the 1960s.
Mesikkä karhu
Mesikkä, the pet bear of Major General Raappana. Photo: Pauli Jänis, Picture Collections of the National Board of Antiquities (HK7744:408)

Tytöt tikkareineen kevätauringossa
Girls with their lollipops in the spring sunshine in 1962. Photo: Teuvo Kanerva (HK19950323:4017)


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