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Articles in Kamera magazine 2016

Kamera 1/2016

Sakari Pälsi and Canadian Finns

Sakari Pälsi photographed Finns in Canada in the 1920s.

Kamera 2/2016

Ahti Rytkönen and the people of chimneyless cabins

The intensely atmospheric photographs taken by Ahti Rytkönen supplemented the gathering of vocabulary.

Kamera 3/2016

The countryside between the past and the future

Erkki Voutilainen photographed the rural change.

Kamera 4-5/2016

Staged trial

Photographer Jarmo Kontiainen participated in a staged trial in Sodankylä.

Kamera 6/2016

Studio photographs from the 1870s in digital form

Atelier Daniel Nyblin had no shortage of customers.

Kamera 7/2016

Voyage to the lost land

Post-war Finland through the eyes of Matti Poutvaara.

Kamera 8/2016

The Helsinki Metro with its many twists and turns

News photographs followed the construction of the Helsinki Metro from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Kamera 9/2016

From printing plate to press photo

Back in the day, a printing plate was first prepared of each press photograph for the printing process.

Kamera 10-11/2016

A peasant’s life

Samuli Paulaharju photographed the everyday life of peasants at the beginning of the 20th century.

Metsäkämpällä Kanadassa
At a lumbermen’s cabin near Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, 1927. Photo: Sakari Pälsi / Picture Collections of the National Board of Antiquities (VKK158:38)

Jälkikäsitelty digitaalinen arkistotallenne
The Misses Lilli Törnudd and Vivia Törnudd. Lilli Törnudd worked as a teacher in art and crafts and was one of the educational reformers of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Post-processed digital archive image. Photo: Daniel Nyblin / Picture Collections of the National Board of Antiquities (HK19321130:549-1878)


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