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The Vrouw Maria Underwater project

Mb20102011One of the main aims of the Vrouw Maria Underwater project was to improve the accessibility of the site by methods other than raising the wreck.

Access was increased by means of a fieldwork blog, a virtual simulation and the digitisation of artefacts raised from the wreck. Improving accessibility was particularly important as the wreck of the Vrouw Maria is located in a specially restricted zone in Finland's Archipelago National Park and is also surrounded by a protected area under the Finnish Antiquities Act, which means that no recreational diving to the wreck is permitted.

The aims of the project were:
  • To produce new information about the ship, its cargo and the underwater landscape, etc. and to interpret and present this information.
  • To increase the accessibility of the wreck, e.g. by means of a virtual simulation, a blog and an exhibition, and an exhibition publication. A seminar open to the public was held in 2012.
  • To produce information for managing the wreck, including evaluating the need for a Natura impact assessment, in situ protection, questions about the condition of the wreck and the monitoring of any changes.