Liv bride, frontview and backview. Kolka.
86-87. Liv bride (frontview and backview). Kolka.
On her head the bride has a wreath of wild flowers and a bride’s crown. Many silk ribbons hang down from the crown. Around her forehead the bride wears a red ribbon and from the back of her head hang two braids that cover her ears. Around the bride’s shoulders is a short cape decorated with heart-shapes around its rim and ruffled neckline. The dress also includes a white apron and a skirt with a yellow, blue or red ribbons at its rim. The bride is wearing white gloves and stockings, and, on her feet, shoes with low heels. On her finger is a betrothal ring. Photo by: Axel Olai Heikel, 1902.

Dress and Materials 85 - 92